Setting Up A Local WordPress Environment

Here is a quick list of notes for setting up a local WordPress set-up Ive used this before on Mac OS but now I am on Windows 10. This should give you a fantastic local environment for theme building, site editing as this is what is used to build WordPress itself, also a bunch of quality server hosting companies uses VVV. If you don’t know what VVV is don’t panic its like a wonderful system for grabbing all the ingredients you need for a super tasty WordPress Cake. Enjoy!

So follow these links and steps.

First from Make WordPress Core, that is the guys and gals that actually make WordPress.

Installing VVV

Some little reminders:

On step 3 you need to navigate to the vagrant folder in the terminal/cmd shell to install the needed plugins, otherwise you will get a ‘dependencies’ error

This link may also be helpful, I did install vagrant-vbguest  sync plugin.

VVV system requirements

I did need to go into the bios and change Intel Virtualization Technology: Enabled This was on my E470 ThinkPad before that I got permission errors on setting up VVV. On a E470 or similar you press enter at startup and navigate to an option about virtulizations, if you have any issues with this let me know, I’ll make a vid.

When is states

git clone -b master git:// ~/vagrant-local

Make sure you have navigated out of the vagrant folder and made a new folder in your root directory.

**Remember you need to run cmd as an Administrator, this will show up in the top left of the window, then you have the privileges needed to provision VVV

One stage 5 we need to make some changes as we are building a local environment for a theme build not for working on WordPress Core!


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