10 SEO Tips

Its not the number of visitors or clicks that ranks you it the content – content is king!

1. Remember in principle Google will rank sites that it thinks are useful to the public, that means sites that offer good content, that is varied in format and unique

2. Unique Content, Google knows if you use new original pictures and text and to the degree that text is copied, it will rank you accordingly. Not unique is not good

3. Quantity of content, on a page you want to rank on Google, you need to have at least 300 to 500 words of text, with your keyword, naturally used within it. Your site will also need at least three levels to give a better chance of higher ranking, a deeper website is viewed as a more informative website. You will not be able to push all of your pages, but rather it is more effective to focus on one or two pages you wish Google to list

4. Variety of content, the more diverse the content the better, try and include videos as well as pictures, and maybe other types of information. Google loves variety. Change your text, use bold and headings, H1 tags must be used, but sparingly don’t have too many as you will then incur ‘minus points’ from Google. As a guide use what is natural and pleasant to see as this is what Google it trying to promote, rank good quality websites.

6. Google takes time, most new site it will be between 1 to 3 months to see your results of your work, the more often you update your site the more Google will in return trawl, (read and cache) your website. Some popular websites get trawled daily or even more often.

7. Site quality, a clean well coded site with decent navigation and links is preferred by Google. Bad coding can incur negative points.

8. Site description and header should contain appropriate information to tell Google what your site is about.

9. Be natural , if you try and trick Google, a thousand copies of your keyword on a page on white text on a white background, Google knows and will not react positively.

10. Keywords, must be chosen carefully in relation to what you want and what people will naturally use when searching for your company or type of service, use then naturally in your text and when you name files and picture.

Want some more tips…

11. Watch your competition if you have a site above you in the rankings see what they have as content, and do one better then you have a chance to beat them.

12. Some paid for Google adwords can help.

13. Links, if you get ‘quality’ links from other reputable site to your website that shares their ‘google ranking power’ to you. Links are great for telling Google your site should be ranked and respected, it what the SEO industry sometimes calls ‘trust’

This should give you something to get going with, remember that a site that is good fro your customers is good for google also.

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